Our Story

Founder and mother of two, Lisa Raja started TRADEMOMS, with a vision of creating a global platform, that advocates for moms who want to find a balance between family and career. Lisa spent 15 years in the fashion industry getting her first taste of entrepreneurship, successfully operating her first business, as boutique owner, of nearly seven years. She then took on management roles within top Bay Area retail start-ups such as Cuyana, Joyus and Threadflip. Lisa gained invaluable business experience by specifically marketing to women. She also got a bird’s eye view on the challenges mothers face as they transition in or out of the workforce. Lisa realized there was a need for mother’s to be able to create a part time work schedule that flourished around family life. She set out on a mission to create a community that empowers stay at home and working moms, alike, by offering them the resources to find work in a way that breaks the traditional corporate America mold.

Founder-Lisa Raja

Founder, and mother of two, Suzanne joined Lisa in the journey to make TRADEMOMS a real community platform, where women can offer their services or products for both Trade or Pay. Having worked in consumer high tech for 22 years, Suzanne started her career at Broderbund Software producing top software brands such as The Print Shop, KidPix and Nickelodeon, all targeted at Moms and kids. Years later she led teams, at Microsoft, in digital photography, mobile, social and entertainment service product groups. She has experience building out incubation startup businesses as well as a strong reputation for building global business vision consensus. She prides herself on institutionalizing high quality, on-time metrics for product, business and marketing deliverables. It is her passion for both the customer and consumer software that excites her about building TRADEMOMS and creating marketplace communities for Moms to showcase their skills and talents.

Founder-Suzanne Schreck

It all started with a living room. In the midst of a remodel, Lisa realized she needed the help of an interior designer’s eye, but it wasn’t in the budget. So, she reached out to her network of friends to see if anybody would be willing to work in trade. The response was overwhelming – email referrals coming in left and right.


As Lisa continued to trade her skills to get everything from tech support services to legal advice, it became clear that the organic give and take was mutually benefitting. Moms have an incredible way of sharing, giving and being there for one another. The natural inclination of one mom to help another was inspiring and it gave birth to an idea: “What if there was an online community dedicated to supporting moms and offering them a marketplace to trade their skills?”


In Fall of 2015, TRADEMOMS was introduced. The buzz was undeniable and Lisa set out to share the idea with moms in her community. From the beginning, one thing remained constant. Lisa wanted a partner. After all, sharing, working together, and empowerment is what TRADEMOMS is all about. And then it happened. Lisa met Suzanne in Spring of 2016.


When Suzanne first learned about TRADEMOMS, she immediately connected to the idea and reached out to Lisa to meet for a coffee date. With Suzanne’s background in building software, the idea intrigued her and, she was already thinking about the possibilities the service could have that could make this a game changer for moms. With absolutely no expectations on either end, both Lisa and Suzanne had their first face to face, and they spent hours chatting and sharing about their careers, family life, kids, husbands, dreams and aspirations. 


From the moment they met, there was a spark and sense of camaraderie.  Separately, both women walked away that day, awestruck, and feeling connected to each other. Their similar personal missions and mutual respect blossomed into a genuine friendship. With time, that friendship ultimately resulted in a partnership as they both realized that the commitment to growing and building a community dedicated to supporting moms was not only Lisa’s dream, but it was Suzanne’s as well.


Our commitment and dedication to the moms in our community is the foundation of an even greater mission. In time, TRADEMOMS will venture out to low income areas to teach women a trade that will help them provide for their families. We strongly believe that the positive impact of women working together is limitless!